View Full Version : We Remember, and give thanks

05-30-2011, 01:25 PM
My Brother, who went thru a lot of hell in a far off Asian country, wrote this today.

A thought on this most important day, a day to remember, not those that served but those who gave their all. We must always remember and honor them;

For the most part they were young, most not yet married.
Some might say just boys.
Shaving was a new thing for them, some had yet to discover it.
Pimples were still a reality for many and a girl friend was a girl back home that they held hands with and took to the movies.
They had their hopes and dreams but were not old enough to have many regrets.
They came from every corner of our nation, from every walk of life. From big cities and small towns.
They were the sons of farmers, factory workers, mailmen and bankers.
They had girl friends, mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters who missed them and prayed for them.
They wrote letters home more than they ever thought they could and mail from home was one of the most important events in their lives.
The letters were carried and became worn and ragged as they were read again and again. Home became a far away dream.
A dream that was filled with family, hamburgers, ice cream, cars and all those things that we now take for granted.
They were buddies. Buddies with the guys that they served with, ate with, shared their dreams and letters from home with, slept with, fought beside and eventually died with.
They died tired, dirty, scared, far from home and sometimes alone.
They died bravely and with honor.
These are the men that gave everything that can be given to their country, they did it with little to no fan fair, they did it because it was their duty.
They died for their country, their family and their buddies.
They died for us.
They are our heroes and this is their day. I pray for their eternal happiness and that they now have what they dreamed of then.
That all the girls are pretty, the cars fast, the burgers big and juicy and the milk shakes tall and cold.
I miss those guys and will never forget them.