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05-07-2010, 10:00 PM
Hey guys, I thought I'd offer up a review of the Magpul AFG on here for those who are curious about them, but have never used them.

First off, some background on the AFG. If you have not yet watched The Art of the Tactical Carbine, you need to go ahead and do so. Magpul demonstrators Christ Costa and Travis Haley basically go through their expensive training course about how to more effectively operate an assault rifle. There are tons of fantastic insights and tips that will help you out, whether it's just for airsoft or to help keep you guys on active duty alive and well! Beyond that, they demonstrate an alternative method of gripping the rifle than most people are used to. Below are some pics of how Costa suggests (i.e. demands!) holding your rifle.



The grip with the thumb around the rifle helps give a lot of added benefits to improving control, speed, and accuracy over the weapon. It may be hard to get used to at first, but is fairly easy to do. Just remember to keep that chicken leg arm in!

This led Magpul to developing the AFG, a grip designed specifically for this type of shooting and control. You don't have to have one to grip the rifle obviously, it just makes it a more natural hand reaction.



I was curious about trying one out, so I decided to get one for my AK. Most of us have seen them on M4 variants and the like, but there is little information about how they fair on "the other side". Now, my camera is currently down at the moment, so I don't pictures of it up yet.

However, I would like to say that it makes the AK's length much more manageable. I run a full stock to carry bigger batteries (future lipos!), as well as a Gemtech suppressor on my AK, so it's actually a very long gun. The AFG provides fantastic support for the front end, as well as making a tighter grip easier to maintain. Holding the AK feels no different from holding my CQB 416 now, which I am quite pleased with. The range of motion is wonderful, as it gives me a firm grip on the weapon with greater control than what I was finding by either using the railed handguard or a vertical grip. Before, because of the front's weight, it felt like I was getting a lot of twisting motion using vertical grips, and the railed handguard was dangerous to ungloved hands.

All of you AK purists may scoff at the idea of such a grip on a railed AK. Honestly, that is perfectly fine with me. A wooden handguard wouldn't need such a grip, as you would be hard pressed to get something with more natural grip. However, without a rail system, I also wouldn't be able to attach any sort of light or scope/dot sight as easily onto the AK. To me, those are both important items on my weapons, and I would like to have them at the ready for any kind of game scenario. With that in mind, I've found that the AFG allows for better control, solid grip, and comfort for those long field days, and is superior to traditional vertical grips. I'd highly recommend them to anyone else who is curious about trying them out!

05-08-2010, 12:06 AM
As in addition:

Shooting stances are not set in stone - they vary from person to person. The AFG is not meant for everyone - if you want to test it out, go ahead, and decide if it works for you or not. If it doesn't, that's fine - it's simply a personal preference.

That said, I love my AFG on my Recce rifle - it's low profile, plus it's more comfortable at least to me than holding a gun via thumb break.

Dr Seuss
05-08-2010, 12:31 AM
AFG is 10 times better than a VFG to me. sleak, love the feel, and is much easier to hold on to/keep ur rifle in control. ill never go back to a VFG