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    Default THE RED REVOLUTION - 2/26 - New Xtreme Kombat Scenario Game

    Date: 2-26-2011
    Time: Chrono opens at 9am/Briefing 10/Game on 10:30/Game over 6:00pm
    Location: Xtreme Kombat
    Price: $20 (pre-register before 2-20 )/$30 regular
    Payment: Paypal to info@xtremekombat.com (include name(s) and team color in note line) or call 919-699-4448
    Restrictions: A DEAD RAG IS REQUIRED for this event. If you do not bring a dead rag, then you must purchase one at the shop before gaining entry to play. A dead rag is any piece of bright material used to indicate you are hit.

    Please RSVP here also by clicking the link at the bottom: Calendar Registration

    FYI, the new city is up and running! Look below this post for PICTURES of some of the field.

    Red Army - Tan
    The Uprising - Green
    *Uniforms will be strictly monitored. You must have an appropriate top and/or bottom or risk being refused entry. Ambiguous uniforms will not be tolerated.

    General Safety Rules:
    -Magazines must be removed at all times while outside the netted area (SAWs with box mags are exempt from this rule, but should use a barrel cover)
    -Take your magazine out and clear your chamber before leaving the netted area
    -ABSOLUTELY no firing BBs outside the netted area. You must put on goggles and step inside the net or to the chrono area to fire BBs. Dry firing to test weapons is OK. Do not forget to clear your chamber first.
    -Goggles must remain on while inside the net, even between and before games.
    -Fogged goggles may not be removed. If you can not defog them without taking them off, then you must call yourself out and step outside the net.
    *Anyone caught breaking ANY of these rules will be issued a warning. If a second infraction occurs, then you will have to sit out. If a third infraction occurs, you will go home. This is not your parent's backyard.

    General Airsoft Rules:
    - Since there is a significant amount of CQB area on this field, we will implement an Irene-ish FPS system. All measurements are with a .25g BB. MED stands for "Minimum Engagement Distance". This is the closest you are allowed to shoot someone at, depending on the fps of your gun:
    : <300fps = CQB legal, no MED
    : 300-350fps = semi only, no MED/Automatic fire, 15ft
    : 350-400fps = 15ft MED
    : *400-450fps = 50ft MED
    : *450-550fps = 100ft MED, restricted to semi only
    *anything over 400fps with a .25 must be checked in with the game admin before passing chrono
    - Safety Kill: We will be cracking down on abusing the safety kill. Only use a safety kill if you come up behind a player, or have the drop on them without a doubt. This means that there is no possible way for him to shoot you before you shoot them. I do not want to see players turn corners or hop bunkers yelling "safety kill". This is a game focused on shooting players, not yelling at them to die. If a player does not honor the safety kill, it is not OK to violate your MED and shoot them. Do remember that some players carry CQB weapons and are prepared to use them in close situations. If you absolutely have the drop on them, then it shouldn't be an issue and they will call themselves out.
    - Knife kills count as lightly touching a player and saying "knife kill". The player should then quietly head towards respawn.
    - There are no bunker tag rules in play, do not bunker tag.
    - Grenades must make a noise to be considered lethal devices. We will be using the 10ft radius rule. Hard cover can save you, but friends and foliage don't count as cover.
    - Rockets will also have a 10ft radius rule, but do not have to make a noise. If a rocket hits a bunker, players inside are dead. If a rocket hits a large structure, kills are a room by room basis.
    - The wall around the new city is to be considered completely solid. There are occasional cracks that are big enough for BBs, but you are not to shoot through the wall at any time. You may shoot under and over the wall, but only if you can see what you are shooting at. No blind fire! You must be tall enough to see over the wall, or have someone boost you up to shoot over it.
    - No climbing over structures, this includes the fence and into second story structures.

    A recent increase in activity and expansion of the nuclear research and development division has left the Red Army with an excess of nuclear waste and diminishing disposal options. Leaders of the Red Army have resorted to dumping the waste in surrounding rural areas. The local populace has discovered the waste dump sites and have rallied their militias together to stop the Red Army. They call themselves The Uprising, and must drive the Red Army out to prevent further nuclear contamination of their homeland.

    Each team will be given a respawn zone. If you are struck anywhere other than your gun, then you must yell "HIT HIT HIT", pull your dead rag, and walk back to your respawn. There is no wait time in the respawn zones. If you walk off the field for any reason, you must go back to your respawn before re-entering gameplay.

    Red Army Objectives:

    - Disposal of nuclear waste(100pts each):
    You will start with a stockpile of nuclear waste at your respawn. The waste must be placed in the disposal unit(a modified kegshell), this is simulated by sticking it onto a patch of velcro. Waste may not be removed once placed on the unit. The unit must then be taken to one of the designated dump sites at the southern boundary of the field. The dump sites will not have much cover and may be guarded by members of The Uprising, so be cautious while transporting. Once the disposal unit has reached a dump site the waste is out of play and 100 points is awarded to the Red Army. The disposal unit may only be moved by members of the Red Army, and must be taken back to respawn to be refilled. The Uprising is tasked with stealing the waste from the unit, so prevent them from securing it. For each unit of waste you have left at your respawn at the end of the day, 50 points will be deducted from your final score. A ref will be assigned to the disposal unit to keep track of nuclear waste scoring.

    - Assassinate Uprising leader(100pts each):
    A leader will be assigned to The Uprising. Each time he is killed by a member of the Red Army, you will receive 100 points. Friendly fire deaths of the leader will not award points.

    - Destroy Uprising Rockets(100pts each):

    If The Uprising captures a piece of nuclear waste, they are awarded a rocket. The rockets will be kept in a special container that can only be moved by members of The Uprising. If a member of the Red Army touches the container, 100 points will be awarded for each rocket inside.

    - Counter Objectives:
    The Red Army will have control of the two most fortified bases to start out with. Your respawn will be close, making it hard for The Uprising to take control. If The Uprising takes a base, they are awarded massive points. Beware of The Uprising's rockets, they will decimate the population of a city.

    The Uprising Objectives:
    - Steal Nuclear Waste(100 points each):
    The Red Army will be transporting nuclear waste via a disposal unit to various dump sites near the southern boarder. You must steal the piece of waste from the unit, but may not move the unit itself. Once the waste is removed, it is out of play and 100 points are awarded to The Uprising. Stealing waste will also add a rocket to The Uprising's inventory. A ref will provide the rocket to the rocket container.

    - Capture the Red Army bases(200 points each):
    The Red army will have strongholds in the two most fortified bases. Their respawn is close, so taking these bases will not be easy. Once a base's flag has been lowered, 200 points will be awarded to The Uprising. Flags will reset after mid day break. This means that after a base has been captured, they become strategic placements, not worth any points until after mid day break.

    - Launch rockets(destroys base):
    You will be given a rocket container that can only be moved by members of The Uprising. For each unit of nuclear waste you steal, a rocket will be added to your inventory by a ref. The rockets may be launched to destroy the population of any one of the two Red Army bases. The rockets may only be launched from outside the treeline in predesignated areas (will be shown day of game). Once the request to launch a rocket has been issued, there is a five minute countdown to launch. The rocket container must stay at the launch site for the duration of the five minutes. Two rockets can be launched at the same time if desired(hitting both bases). If the rocket container is touched by a member of the Red Army during the countdown, then all queued launches are canceled, and all rocket inventory is destroyed. The Rocket container may not be moved once the countdown has started. There will be an assigned ref with the sole purpose of monitoring the entire rocket container and launching process, so don't fret about keeping track of the timing or capture rules.

    - Counter Objectives:
    Protect your leader. The Red Army gains 100 points every time they kill your Uprising leader. Friendly fire kills on the leader does not award them points. It is the leader's responsibility to record his death count and honor the scenario rules. Prevent the Red Army from disposing nuclear waste. They are awarded 100 points for every waste dump. They also lose 50 points for every unit of waste they have left at the end of the day. Defend your rocket container. If a member of the Red Army touches your rocket container, they are awarded 100 points for every rocket inside.

    If you have any questions, comments, or criticism, please feel free to express them. Please note that we will have a full staff of refs constantly monitoring the key scenario elements to make sure everything is running smoothly.

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    Sounds awesome ^-^

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    I'm in. Glad to see some stricter rules for this scenerio.

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    Sounds cool, I'll be there definately
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    Big Donads


    Me and two others will be there.

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    sweet, im there. question, would multicam with a tan circas style vest be considered tan or is that a no go?

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    Multicam is usually considered tan. Your vest color doesn't matter, so you're good to go.
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    I will definitely be there. Hope to bring more people with me this time around too.
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    What are the rules on under 18 face coverage?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Faceman View Post
    What are the rules on under 18 face coverage?
    NCAO Rule applies: "Minors (defined as anyone under 18 years old) are required to have full-face protection in addition to full sealing goggles."

    Full seal goggles and shemagh are acceptable at Xtreme Kombat to meet that requirement
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