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Thread: SvG2011

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    Quote Originally Posted by Enhael View Post
    Were you the one in the two story building? Hamburger was def. fun, highlight of the day. Well defended!
    Yes. Rocking the 60. Started off on your right flank (Raptor was getting ready to move on duckett), Doug, Myrtle, and bang bang suppressed long enough to get my MG into the two story that has FOF towards the dome and blue Bunker.

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    uhhh...the blue bunker, I hated i even moved to that for cover. Just got me pinned lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by longshot View Post
    The only case I saw with uniform problems was some guy that I assume was on Santa wearing BDU bottoms and a DCU top (or vice versa, I cant remember).
    Yeah he confused me too, I friendly fired on him at least once that I know of.

    I had allot of hit calling issues this year. Not the run of the mill 100+ yards "oh i'm pretty sure I hit you" stuff.... Air soft is played with integrity! If a bb grazes the side of your uniform...call your hit! anyways on to another issue....
    Yep, had to take it off semi because of this. I prefer to shoot you semi, less chance of pain on your part, less ammo on my part.

    All that aside, had a great time. Spent some of the day fighting Raptor and 6mil, but mostly fighting those hills...

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    I've only been to Fulda once or twice and SvG this year. Is it considered normal for the refs to know less about the rules than an out of state player who missed part of the safety briefing, and not give a wet slap about what is actually going on in the game?

    Ref issue 1: Sat in the same same spot by the back corner of Rex (near the Sim City path) for a good 10 minutes with Rockcrawler and his crew shooting at kids in the bunkers. People would run up and shoot at us through the bounds tape by the work truck. We could always yell to them that they were out of bounds, and they would keep on shooting. This entire time a referee was standing not 20 feet away, and never said a word. Finally I asked her if the truck was in play or not, and she said "That's a stupid question, that hasn't been out of bounds since Fulda."

    Bear in mind this entire time the truck (and that corner of the field) was surrounded by yellow tape.

    Ref issue 2: Time after time I saw players run up and slam into a plastic barrier with no diamond on it, yell "BUNKER TAG!" and then expect me to call myself out. Never once did they say "Safety kill", much less even point a gun at me. A ref informed me that the rules said I had to call myself out if someone yelled "Bunker tag". I pointed out that the rules actually said this applied if there was a diamond on the structure, otherwise it didn't count. The ref ended up saying they were actually safety killing me and I had to call it as a hit. BS, to say the least. A couple of the guys weren't carrying guns, much less pointing them at me.

    Hit calling: Laughably bad whenever I was near Rex or Bravo. You can't get shot in the adam's apple, scream, fall down, then come back up shooting. You can't get shot in the ear, grab the side of your head, drop your gun, then pull a sidearm and shoot back. You can't catch 15 rounds in the butt from 50' away, spin around, and shoot back... and on it goes. Whenever I left those areas, I had no trouble at all. Perhaps the invincible players just gravitate towards structures like Rex?

    Sportsmanship: Aside from the Rex/Bravo field, quite good. Had a few issues with people shooting at me out of DZs, but nothing too bad.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kg4chm View Post
    My weapon took a dump
    You arent the only one, mine just quit working!

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    to the green guy coming into Sim from the wood line in between Rex and Sim in front of the white building across from the shed who i emptied a whole 120rnd mag into from 30ft away at 34rps who then looked me in the eyes, proceeded to keep on trucking and then shoot me....F U!!!!!!!!!!! great game other than that. that is all

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    Definitely seems like the area around Rex was the epicenter of the issues for both sides. The tape thing was definitely lame around the truck, as was the hit calling on both sides. I had to call out a couple of my teammates in addition to having to shoot a few people on tan far too many times. Still looking forward to the day when ghillie suits are banned at public games. As the day went on, the hit calling did seem to get better.

    On the bright side, I did have some really cool moments too. Took the coolest gun hit ever, and got a bb stuck in the prongs of the flash hider of my gun. The shooter's follow up shot caught me in the head, giving me the chance to go down and tell him about it. Too bad the bb came loose before i got there. Had fun holding Rex with 3-4 other greens toward the end, we were alternating between defending and hiding from the tank while it cleared out the attackers. Laughing at the one tan trackstar with the guys from Raptor1 in the last hour was fun too...the way he ran one would have thought we were shooting lead not plastic. Credit where it's due, whoever he is, he was very fast!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scott916 View Post
    Still looking forward to the day when ghillie suits are banned at public games.
    Your not the only one. I hate trying to shoot a running ghillie suit in the back. Waste of a damn magazine.

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    Had a great time and it wasnt even bad concidering i got hit in the head with a nerf rocket from about 20 feet away behind bravo. My apologies to pockets for shooting him in the face and drawing blood... I know how that feels and it never should have happened. Sorry pal! Had a better time than i did at fulda hands down. Cant wait for next year.

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    @ MADWRAPPER, sorry about the rocket, it was probably me or Greenman, I don't remember shooting you in the head, I was going for bunkers. SVG was the first time I got to field my bazooka other than in the back yard against static targets and I was having gas issues due to the cold (Freezing regulators, etc.)

    I got to give props to Cappy on both leading the green charges, and playing the part when I threw a grenade at him (Acting stunned for a few seconds) even though it was a pea grenade not a thermobaric flash, still was a hoot. I slung a lot more plastic at SVG than fulda, but then again I wasn't in a command role. I won't say that I had more fun @ SVG, but I enjoyed seeing more honest players out there. It was a lot more laid back than Fulda that's for sure. Fun times kicking it with Valhalla on our walks to and from the DZ, and homeboy talking like a robot-chicken-esq elf on the megaphone... just good times, I think with about 50 more players there wouldn't be so many lonely watches at the flag stations.

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