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    Default 5th Annual 6mm Militia Sniper Competition April 22nd, 2012 CDWC

    Date: April 22, 2012
    Time: 09:00
    Location: CDWC, Taylorsville NC
    Cost: $60 pre registration/$80 walk on per team, April 8th is the last day for preregistration

    This is a two man team event. You must have two people to compete. No laser range finders are allowed. You will have to carry everything you need for the competition all day. No going back to the vehicle to get something once it has started. You never know when you will be sent to a different part of the field and you need to have everything with you. We will not babysit your gear for you.

    • Land Navigation- you will be given a map and a set of coordinates. Once you find the proper flag you will write down the number or letter on the flag. Only correct numbers and letters are scored. This event uses real latitude and longitude coordinates so it is up to you to know how to plot them.
    • Endurance Run- the team will have to do an endurance run with all gear, engaging targets while on the move, and then make a final long shot at the finish line. The teams with the fastest time that hit the target score the most points.
    • Team Movement Drill- There will be a five lane shooting drill that the sniper will use his side arm and the spotter will use his primary. The spotter will go first and clear the first lane, once he calls it clear the Sniper will bound over to the second lane and clear it with his side arm. They will continue to leap frog until all five lanes are cleared adn the timer is stopped. The team with th efastest time and all targets shot will get the maximum points.
    • Qualification/Range estimation- You will be placed inside of a shooting box. You will be given a specific amount of time to do a range estimation on your targets. Once the card is handed in the door will be opened and you will engage the targets a certain number of times. Hits will be scored and the shooter will get points for hits and range estimation of each target.
    • Mystery Event-?
    • Moving Target Engagement- You will have to shoot a target in the back of a moving pickup truck. It will make two passes on a defined track and you will get one shot to hit the target.
    • Stalk- Your team will be given a set of coordinates, a target and a time on target to engage the HVT. You must radio in permission to shoot before engaging the target. The channel will be given to you and will be FRS/GRMS. If caught during the stalk you will be sent to a respawn and allowed to try again. Do not get caught near your time on target.

    Here is a list of recommended items
    • Sniper Primary- Semi automatic, if it fires on full auto even accidentally during the competition you will be ejected from that event with no points.
    • Mil Dot scope
    • Side Arm- preferably a pistol
    • Spotter primary- may fire full auto when fired
    • Spotter Mil Dot scope
    • compass
    • gps
    • pencil/paper
    • watch
    • radio
    • water
    • pen light
    • weapon light
    • lunch- we will not be breaking for lunch
    • Ghillie suit- not mandatory but looks good

    If you have any questions please feel free to email me at co@6mmmilitia or PM me on any board I am a member on.

    Big Boy Toys Airsoft has signed on as a sponsor of this event. They have helped us every year since this event has started. Last year they donated a pistol for both the winning sniper and spotter and everyone got a Major League Sniper Morale patch, this year they have donated two KWA ATPs for a first place finish!


    Ferg of Command Decisions Wargame Center has donated three free admissions to Fulda Gap 2012 to this event. Two fo them will go to a competing Sniper Team and the third can be won by anyone who comes to this competition.


    Looks like we will have at least 11 teams to sign up;

    6mm Militia- Patch/Jun (paid)
    ODX- Greenman/Monkey (paid)
    Raptor 1- Opie/Parks (paid)
    TF-16- Smiley/Riot (paid)
    Raedwulf-Jonathan/Wes (paid)
    TAG- Umbra/Fenix(paid)
    Valhalla-Enhael/Johnson (paid)
    6mm Militia- Heavydrop/Ty (paid)
    Recondo- Legs/Saber ?

    Are these correct? Anyone else think they can win this thing?
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    Contact me at CO@6mmmilitia.com

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    Will be attending again this year. Had a blast last year.
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    YES!!! We will PP as soon as possible.

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    PM me if you need some help manning a station. We will try to field a couple of teams this year.

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    Any help is appreciated like last year. We will be running two events at the same time this year to accomodate more team competing and more events.

    Contact me at CO@6mmmilitia.com

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    I don't have my L96 anymore, but I will let you know if I can help out. I may be able to take some pictures for y'all if need be.
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    I am not much on Sniping but would like to help out this year if you need it.
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    I may be able to help out if you want. We don't have a sniper team to compete.
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    Really anyone with a DMR can compete. Accurate primary shooting is only about 2-3 events and doesn't need to be a Bolt action rifle.

    Contact me at CO@6mmmilitia.com

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    ODX would like to put a sniper team in it this year brother. Will email for info and pre reg instructions!



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