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    Default Viva La Revolucion - Libyan Uprising After Action Report

    First, let me give a big "Thank You" to all those who turned up to make Viva La Revolucion's first game a success.

    Thank You.

    We had a turnout of 14 people. We had an additional 2 people, but they were unprepared to play in the cold weather that hit the area yesterday. As such they left early. Two others left around lunch due to a gun malfunction. At the end of the day we had 10 people.

    The scenario seemed to go over well. A lot of attack and defend, mostly around Ft. Stafford/Airstrip area. This was expected as the airstrip was critical to maintaining air superiority or artillery capability, depending on the team.

    I also learned that ACUs are not completely terrible as a camo pattern. They blend really well with the grey-ish trees that grow at Wolf Creek.

    The second half(After lunch) we had two additional missions. One, find a downed French pilot. And two, assassinate/protect a Libyan political official. The Revolution found the pilot, but the Libyan government was capable of getting the official to the extraction before the Revolutionaries could mobilize.

    At the end of the day, the Libyan government was victorious with a score of, if I am remembering correctly, 3400 to the Revolutionaries 2000. The assassination mission was their opportunity to win the game, with the score at that time of 2400 to 2000. But the government was able to pull out a win.

    Notes for the Future:
    -Type up everything I want to say in the briefing. I tried to do it from memory, and some important things were forgot, but were corrected shortly after game start. While no damage was done this game, it would be better to be safe than sorry.
    -Continue promotion of events on Facebook, it seems to be able to pull out more than just the forums alone.
    -Announce games more than 5 days in advance. Two weeks to one month is more ideal.

    Special Thanks:
    -All the players who came out! Again, I cannot thank you enough!
    -Viper for making the day, or at least the latter half, full of hilarity.
    -Urban, for not shooting me. But that flashbang was not funny.
    -Kamikaze for dragging the trailer out there
    -Professor and Axe, although you left early, you played great!
    -The other team that came out. I did not get all of your names, but if you let me know who you are, I will make sure you get the credit for coming out that you deserve!

    Please check out our next event Viva La Revolucion: Russian Upheaval on Facebook and on this forum sometime later today.

    Facebook Event
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    JUNE 28TH AND 29TH

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    Those two that left with the gun malfunctions would have been Axe and myself. That cold weather was hard on man and weapons, and why couldn't we have had some of it back during deer season is what I would like to know. I just wanted to say that Axe and I enjoyed getting back into things though, and will be at Wolf Creek in two weeks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hobbit-12 View Post
    Special Thanks:
    -Urban, for not shooting me. But that flashbang was not funny.
    Yeah it was. We all got a good laugh out of that. And now we all know you can move really really fast when properly motivated.



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