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    Default CoolCombat - Indoor Airsoft Arena !!!

    02-23-12 - Official Announcement from Cool Combat, LLC :

    * CoolCombat Indoor CQB - Coming SUMMER 2012 !!!

    As of today Thursday, Feb 23rd, we have now closed the deal and officially purchased a building in Lexington ... It has been a long process of negotiations, inspections and more recently waiting this last month for results on a Phase-1 EPA study. But, all that is behind us and now, I am ready to move forward with creating the Largest Indoor Airsoft Arena on the East Coast !

    The property is located one block off South Main Street in Lexington, NC, just 15-20 minutes from the current outdoor field, down Hwy 52 South ( Exit 86 ).

    The building itself is an old factory, and as far as I know, it will be the only Indoor Airsoft Arena possibly within the entire USA, which exists in an old factory. It has 64,000 sq ft and is situated on 10 acres. Currently, I plan on having over 50,000 sq ft of space dedicated for Airsoft.

    FYI - The Building was originally built in 1909 and served as The Dacotah Cotton Mill, until the late 1990's when it was converted over to T.I. Industries, who made and sold wooden pictures frames throughout the World ... The property became available for Lease in 2008 and only recently became available for purchase. And as soon as it did, I made an offer to purchase it on Jan. 12th, 2012. Overall, this property has a rich history and it has been my favorite property since the first time I saw it last May.

    I do hope that you all will appreciate all the time and effort and know that this represents a ton of hardwork and due diligence ... And so now finally, over one year and 75 buildings later, I am very "happy" and pleased to make this announcement ... I believe that this Airsoft Arena can be something that the Airsoft Community here in North Carolina can be proud of and also enjoy playing at for many years to come !

    * Also, please allow me to make the following statements, so that you all better understand the "time frame" and what has to happen from here on out :

    - Work Schedule & Time Frame :

    1 - Next Week : The "Clean Up" process can begin ...

    2 - Also, the Architect can now finish the final "Appendix B Drawings," and when he is done,
    then we can meet with the Fire Marshall and Building Inspector, in order to get their approval for moving forward ...

    3 - 1st Full Week in March : Upon getting their approval, I will have to file for Construction permits and then the Construction and Remodeling phase can begin.

    4 - The Construction and Remodeling phase could take 2-3 months, if everything goes well, as there is a lot to do ...

    5 - Once the construction phase is done, then we have to get "the final inspection" done by the Fire Marshall and Building Inspector.

    6 - If we pass these inspections, then we can apply for a "Certificate of Occupancy."

    7 - Once that is received, then we are good to go and we can be open for business !


    * Other Points of Interest :

    1 - Rules and Regs for the Indoor CQB will be posted closer to the time when we actually open ... However, I don't see anything being much different than the rules already suggested by the NCAO.

    Possible FPS Limits Indoor CQB :

    .20 BB = 350 FPS
    .25 BB = 310 FPS

    2 - Hours & Prices will also be posted closer to the time when we actually open ...

    3 - And lastly, we gotta show you something, right ... However, please keep in mind,
    I just closed on the property today, so these images are definately considered as "before" shots ...

    Click Here to View More Photos - Hope You like what you see - Let me know !!!

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    Play Hard - Play Safe - Have Fun !

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    +1 Markus FTW Congrats

    To some its a game, To others its a passion

    Gunny's Warfare Center Charlotte's only all AIRSOFT field !



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    Hell yeah Markus! Congrats on getting the building!
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    Man that is awesome! Congrats on the purchase of the building!

    Any chance you could give us an idea of what the layout is going to be on the inside?
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    Quote Originally Posted by colemountain View Post
    Man that is awesome! Congrats on the purchase of the building!

    Any chance you could give us an idea of what the layout is going to be on the inside?
    Remember, I just closed on the property today,
    which means I didn't know 100% for sure until today ...

    So final layouts and drawings for sets and so forth are still to be done.

    Also, I have a creative side myself and like to create on inspiration.
    So, I will be using my architect some, as he also designs theatre sets and TJ walker of TF-16 has agreed to help too, since he majored in "Set Design" in college ...

    So between them and me, I am sure it will be pretty cool looking and will offer a variety of styles of play for CQB.

    We will also be designing it to able to change on a monthly basis too ...

    FYI - Overall, the factory has ( 7 ) large rooms ranging in size from 3,000 sq ft up to 23,000 sq ft. so we can do many, many things from room to room clearing to more open play like SS Airsoft to hopefully making it look like a 2 story villiage in the main room ...
    ( That's one of the things I am still talking with Insurance companies about too ).

    Please understand that it has been a tremendous amount of work, just to get to this point.

    Personally, I am very excited and very much look forward to the day where I can relax and just create the Airsoft part, as it will be like my own personal Airsoft Disneyland !

    And of course bottom line, It will be whatever we can dream up and afford to do ...

    - Hope that answers your question ?

    Play Hard - Play Safe - Have Fun !

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    Mate, this sounds awesome!

    I may actually have to make the drive up there fairly regularly, assuming that gas does not actually go up to $5 a gallon. However, either way, I will definitely get up there at least a couple times after it opens!


    JUNE 28TH AND 29TH

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    Simply put........ EPIC! If it wasnt for insurance I would love to play a free for all before all is cleaned out!
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    Congrats! That's probably around a 2 hour drive from Raleigh, but I'm sure I'll be there a few times a year.

    Question - won't this compete w/ your outdoor facility, or is that going away? Will it only be open during inclement weather? Will it be open on weeknights AND weekends?

    Just a few ideas (I've worked in advertising/marketing/event planning for the past 15 years):

    1) Offer some specials
    a. Lady's night (Lady's get free entry) - get the girls there, the boys will be there
    b. Parents get free entry w/ purchase of 2 regular entry fees
    -try not to let your facility turn into a baby sitting operation. Entice parents to hang around and even participate.

    2) Have an area/room for non-combatants
    -for those that don't want to play (parent's, wives, etc), give them somewhere to hang around. Something with tables, tv's etc.

    3) Try to have an adequate staging area
    -players aren't going to want to travel to their cars to get backup gear/bb's/etc.

    3) Rent guns

    4) Have a pro-shop

    5) I know if might be a big pain, but at some point, try to set up a small food shop - pizza/burgers/dogs/snacks/fountain drinks.

    6) Have "league nights"
    -Don't just get more airsofters to your facility, get more people into airsoft, which would get more airsofters in your facility!
    -Both blue collar and white collar workers love to have their once per week leagues, whether it be bowling, softball, basketball, etc. Why not have them play airsoft!
    -Promote teams by workplace - encourage them to have team uniforms or patches - they may even get their place of work to foot the bill
    -The plan would be that eventually, there would be enough attendance participation that it could be closed to the public on league nights. (or only have smaller rooms for public)

    7) Have enough experienced refs

    Those are just a few ideas off the top of my head - take them for what they're worth.

    Best of luck to you and can't wait to see the finished facility!


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    Markus...congrats man, it looks great!

    I absolutely love the "airsoft" league...and the idea of corporate sponsored league teams is actually an excellent one. They get to write that off ya know.

    The building will obviously have some "personality" because of its former use..I hope you can keep some of that as ambiance. If there are "drain grates" in the floor...clean them out and use them for sweeping loose BB's into. Then you can suck them out with a shop vac once a week. Also, skylights where possible will save you a HUGE amount of cash on lighting.

    THink about having a gun manufacturer like G&G or Echo1 as a sponsor for your field. Discounted rental guns and nice HUGE color posters/flags of their products would ad to the atmosphere .

    Sex sells. Attractive male and female employees and refs never hurt

    Just an idea...contact Habitat for Humanity and places like the "re store" for things like doors, lighting fixtures, bleachers and construction materials. It might save you a bundle.

    My offer to run a nail gun, swing a hammer and do some basic electrical still stands. I'm a Test Engineer by trade, but have done everything from flooring to plumbing to sound systems in the past, and minored in Technical Theater in college so I am pretty good with faux props such as military equipment (I also build a killer C02 fog machine).

    Glad it all came together for ya Markus. I would suggest maybe setting up a "rules committee" of guys who really know the ins and outs of CQB and indoor play.

    Maybe you could set up practice times like from 6-10 or 7-11 on the weekends (or slow week nights) and charge a nominal fee so teams could do training in inclement weather.

    I am absolutely certain that the XK team will spend some time at the new facility.

    EDIT...Holy crap, I just checked out the pics of the interior...that place is massive. Concrete rams, vehicle friendly...very cool.
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    Does it come with the Corvette? My biggest suggestion when building the structures is to keep "modularity" in mind. This will allow you to move things around in case they become stale and repetitive. Can't wait to see it!
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