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    I have been trying various slingsover the years, I find three points are redundant and unlike most 2 points they can't easily or quickly be converted to a one point sling.

    of the two point slings I find the BFG and VTAC slings to be the best, with good qd hooks on both ends they can quickly tramsition from two to one point slings.

    Of the one point slings I find the best to be the S&S sling, no bullshit just a straight up sling. When used with a sling hook it is my favorite sling setup.

    However just beacuse something is my favorite sling setup dosen't mean I like slings, I prefer to roll unteathered, no sling at all, granted it means I have to do one handed transitions, I still find it the best way to roll.

    If I run a heavy weapon a large loadbearing carabeaner about shoulder height on my left side allows me to hook the carry handel onto my kit almost as if I were running a sling.
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    I've only ever used a 3-pt in training, which is normally used for tighter stabilization than a 1pt sling would provide. Most 3-pt slings also have a buckle about halfway down which can be released to provide for much looser movement, ideal for when going into the prone.

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    I often carry two rifles(M4/AKM or M14/AKM depending on whether or not I'm running my VN kit) And I prefer two point slings. If I run out of mags for one weapon, that one get slung over my back and the other is in my hands.

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    Standard issue in the Army is a 3 point sling. While I was walking around the FOB it was great. It held it close to my body and I could use the gun for an arm rest so I didn't fall into the temptation of putting my hands in my pockets. However, everytime I went to the range I would always take the sling off my body to make it easier to shoot.

    For airsoft now I run a 1 or 2 point sling. Any assult rifle I use (M16 or XCR) I use the Irene Adaptive Sling. It allows to me to add another point to the rifle so I can sling it on my back if I need to or just don't want it hanging down. My M21 gets a 2 point sling. it's so long that a 1 point sling wouldn't be of much help and if I had a three point whenever I would get set up in a position it would be in the way.

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    I've never tried a 3-point sling so I can't weight in on it. For anything other than a long rifle (obviously) I really prefer my bungee 1-point sling. So comfy

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    I used 2 point in the Marines, which is more for stability and long distance shooting, and a 3 point on a TM Mp5 which was cool, but becomes cumbersome to switch shoulders.

    Now I use a 1 point made from a D-ring and some 550 cord tied to the stock. I hook it to my rig shoulder strap; I pretty much use this if I am just walking around off the field or to respawn, otherwise it is free from my body.

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    I use a 3 point with my issued AR-15 and a bungee single point with my airsoft M4. They both have advantages. If your playing a game with missions that require handling objects, securing and escorting prisoners etc, a 3 point comes in handy. You can sling your rifle across your back and with practice you can learn a single handed draw that uses strap tension to shoulder the weapon for instant use. I know during a zombie game it would of been nice to be able to sling my M4 for reliable hands free movement. As it was my single point cost me a few dings and scratches because my rifle swung around too much. Some 3 point slings can be configured as ad-hock 1 point slings but it is not a perfect transition. As for ease of use it all depends on preference and training. A single point leaves your weapon in a ready location at all times and with practice you can master hands free mobility, however your weapon will most likely be free to swing and knock about. A 3 point system is a lot more versatile however it requires more practice and training to be fluid with it. For standard weekend game play I stick with my single. I plan on playing at Fulda this year and will most likely bring my 3 point since I may be given objects to carry or specific missions which require my weapon to be slung securely but ready for tactical deployment.

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    I didnt read this whole thread so sorry if I am repeating someone else. I will say this. The one point sling is for someone who will do very little on the field but gunfight with their primary. The one point allows for very little access to your kit if you have to sling it quickly. It also makes it nearly impossible to kneel down or lean forward. If you need to transition to your secondary you now have 8lbs of dead weight flopping around your body. if you need to hit the ground or go to your knees you have to worry about your muzzle eating dirt. I will say it can work for very small weapons, MP7, PDW, TMP style CQB guns since they wont hang as low and are easier to toss around your body if needed. but for a full length AR or any other rifle it does not make sense (to me). Everytime I have had to transition with a 1 point i always get my knees banged up. The reason that real steel shooters use them on the range IMO is because it always points the weapon in a safe direction which is fine.

    I have very little experience with 2 point. I will get back to this.

    The 3 point is a sling I use a lot. something the 3 point can do that the 2 point cant, and this may be the only advantage, is detach at the front for better cqb maneuverability. 1 big advantage of a 3 point is the amazing control you get when slinging the weapon and maneuvering while the weapon is slung. you can quickly toss the weapon to your weak side out of the way of your mags or other upfront pouches. It also wont bounce around and stays up high allowing you to get low. you can full out sprint, lay down, lean around corners. the gun will not hinder any movement except for rolling. The one down side is straps. the sling cant be woven into your kit so you will have a strap coming around your neck and sliding over your kit. This can cause problems depending on where your comms and comm wires are run.

    I guess they all have their place but I feel that .... 3 is better than 1

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    I have to agree with most of what has been said. I'll add my opinion into it just so I feel everything has been said.

    I use 1 point, 2 point and 3 point slings on a regular basis and they all have their place. I find that 1 point slings are better if you use them for smaller weapons or if you just use a sling for when you swith to secondary or rest your arms. Other than that a 1 point sling is hopeless in keeping a full size gun at bay behind your back. You can put it to the side relatively easy but throwing it all the way around just makes a giant 8 lb wrecking ball swing freely on your back, which in my opinion is just plain bad.

    2 point slings areconsidered the standard (at least for now) because they can do everything a 3 point sling can do for the most part except for release on one end... A two point sling can be worn several different ways and can be used on every gun that I know of except for very small smg's.

    3 point slings I will sum up by posting a video below, but in essence they are what I consider the jack of all trades. If you really want a good 3 point sling check out the Irene adaptive sling since it can also cinch down to hold the weapon better on you for the forward use of your hands.

    adn this pretty much gives you the answer as to why I like 3 point slings.
    EDIT: in the video I noticed he said most 3 point slings don't transition to the weak side... this is now false, like 90% will do this now but when this was made, specter was the only one
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