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    Default End of Days Big game! 5/12/12!


    This was already posted in the End Of Days section of this forum, but some of you guys may or may not be aware that this event will be held at PBC... Last big game we hosted here brought in over a few hundred people and was a heck of a lot fun.

    Here is the link, and the original posting by Win in the EOD section.


    Date: 05/12/12
    Cost: $15:00
    Location: PBC/6106 Burlington Rd
    Sedalia, NC
    Time: meet up 9:00, game start 10:00.

    Space Battalion: Tan
    POC: Green/Civilian

    Team will use 550 cords and untie and retie five knots to get healed and back in the game. The player that is hit will call for a medic and wait 3 min to bleed out and then walk back to the RP. If the medic gets to the player and heals them then they go right back into the game.

    SW: will start by the HARRP field.
    POC: will start at the fort by the main road.
    This game we will use progressive respond points (PRP). Each team will have an orange cone that they can move to set up a RP. As long as they hold their PRP they can use it. IF one team captures the other teams PRP then that team has to RP at the starting point until they can once again more their PRP.

    SW: Your mission is to recover MAX from the POC and to protect HARRP.
    POC: Your mission is to rescue Bob Galloway from the SW and then to blow up HARRP.

    Last game was wet and slow to start. There was a lot of hide and seek in the game. This one will be an all out fire fight from start to finish. You will have to work together to get your mission done so team work will be the key to victory. The PRP will be a first run and should be pretty easy to understand. If a team takes advantage of this they will be able to keep more troops on the front line. If not then they will have a long walk back to their starting point.

    This game will start on time with or without you. You will have to chrono before you can get on the field. Donít be on time, BE EARLY! Get geared up so we can get this game moving. The main thing is to play with honor and to have fun.
    Keep watching for more news post on this game.
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    5/12/15? Pretty sure it's this year, not 3 years away.
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