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    Default July 13th-14th Weekend warrior grand opening 2 day op

    When: July 13th-14th

    Where: 6010 Thomas Jefferson Rd
    Forest, VA 24551

    $50 for Sat. 14th

    (ENTRY COMES WITH ONE JAR OF .2 5,000 round Elite Force Bbs)

    Pre-Registration will open May 26th and close July 26th.

    May 26th to June 12th $35 per-registation

    June 12th to June 26th $45 pre-registration

    $12 pre-registration bio-bbs (limit 1 jar per player) $3 savings

    $5 off for every Beta Testing Game players attend. Good up to $15 off of grand opening.

    $25 to camp and play warm-up games Fri. 13th


    1.0 May 18th https://www.facebook.com/events/285290744897877/

    2.0 June 1st https://www.facebook.com/events/330372920368310/

    3.0 June 29th https://www.facebook.com/events/233065546794958/



    3:00pm- Early Registration and Crono

    4:00pm-start warm up games

    7:00pm-warm up games end

    7:15pm-8:00pm snack bar/grill open (pending)

    8:30-10:00 outdoor movie (pending)

    10:30- fires out (All squads camping must stay in designated camping area, no person will be permitted to leave the Area for safety reasons after 10:30)


    8:00am- Morning Registration and Crono Check Opens

    9:30pm- Safety briefing (note if you come late you will be required to have a separate safety briefing)

    10:00am- Op Briefing

    10:30am- Companies enter the AOF

    10:45am- GAME ON

    1:30pm- LUNCH BREAK Snack Bar and Grill Open (pending)

    2:15pm- Companies enter the AOF

    2:30pm- GAME ON

    4:00pm- Mission Complete

    4:00pm-4:15pm- prizes, raffle, acknowledgements, and thank yous

    General Field INFO:
    MOUT/Firing Ranges rest on 20 acres of flat land with large berms surrounding the MOUT site. Over 100 acres of surrounding land will be playable. The terrain is hilly with creeks running through some of the wooded areas to other large open areas. This event will feature perfect terrain for every style of play, ranging from CQB to large range engagements from snipers, to open areas for vehicles. NOTE: there are no charging stations at our field at this time, WE TAKE CASH OR CREDIT AT THE FIELD (Expect American Express)

    Our field is a leave no trace field, our field owner requires all players to use BIO-BBs. We exclusively carry ELITE FORCE AIRSOFT bb products, and will be selling BIO-BBs at $15 for .2 at 5,000 at the field. BIO-BBs may be purchased ahead of time and reserved with your teams name at our field. ALL PLAYERS MUST BUY BIO-BBs from us or we will not permit them to play. This is per our field owners request. Because of his request we ask all players to be understanding, we will offer the highest grade bb products at a discount price for our grand opening event. We are not trying to make money off them, we just have to be sure and the only way is to buy through us. Every player will be required to buy at least one jar of bbs and enter the crono station with empty mags. We will be able to take credit if for some reason you run out of cash and need more ammunition. Thank you for understanding and we hope that our effort to leave-no trace and stay green will be appreciate by players everywhere.



    Facebook Event: https://www.facebook.com/events/364944063572997/

    For pictures of our field please visit our facebook page:

    This is our GRAND OPENING EVENT, we are a new commercial field in Central VA run by players for players.
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    our grand opening facebook event page: https://www.facebook.com/events/364944063572997/



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