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    Default Hello good friends

    Hello everyone. Glad to be here, the main reason I joined this forum was to get info on Fulda Gap and learn more about my next door neighbors in airsoft. I know some of you have come down to Blue Hole in Aiken, SC, to play this year, and I know some of you are coming to Operation Steel Griffin Convoy. Well I'll introduce myself, my forum name on here is the same as it is on the SC and GA forums. I have been playing seriously since September 24th of 2011. I have been to many great conflicts, including OP SOCO (border war with GA) and OP Second Sun. My armory is a TSD upgraded to 520 fps with a .20, a Cyma MP5, A CM046 puematic blowback, a DE shotgun, and soon to be G&G Extreme 45. I have an identical twin brother who also plays with me, and I love airsoft and hope to meet all of you at a game or too. P.S. I'm 16 as of now and still learning about this great game.

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