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Thread: New Skin

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    Quote Originally Posted by BoogerRed View Post
    Please delete my other thread about my asking about the "Darkvision" themes. Didn't see this one before I started that one. Any chance you'll put the Darkvision theme back up as an option? Sure liked the "White" one. Not a fan of either of these.
    I'll reactivate the Darkvision for those that can't stand the new one.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Halo View Post
    I'll reactivate the Darkvision for those that can't stand the new one.

    Much appreciated. Don't "hate" the other one. This one is just easier for me personally.

    EDIT: Can't see the advertisements on Darkvision White.

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    I like it. I'm not absolutely in love with it, but it's a nice option.

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    i like the 1st one better. not the bright girlie colored one. but the one before that. this one is ok. but it seems to have the ENTIRE thing centered instead of wide enough to fit the screen. but i like this one tho. just needs to be wider. reminds me of someone myspace page....stupid backgrounds.....lol.

    also the new layout doesnt show what section each topic is in. it just has the title and the date and time of the last post. so not gellin.

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    It works just fine in firefox and safari. Good job Halo, I like it, Especially the bar at the top (my favorite part).
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    Liked the Darkvision black, pretty much hate these new ones.

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    I like the Darkvision best. I'm neutral about the others

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    Here’s how it looks on IE6. (Yeah Yeah, I know it’s IE6, but that’s what the Admin’s here at work have deemed “approved” so I can’t UPgrade without an UProar…)

    Note the sign in boxes are almost outside the viewable screen area? I’m barely able to get my mouse up there to change the focus so I can sign in.



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    Quote Originally Posted by Smirnov View Post
    OK You canged a few months back, then we change agian, and then again.As soon as we get used to the new one, here comes something else..WHY? Is this an airsoft forum or a bunch of women with a hairdo? Is it so hard to commit to one thing and stick with it for a year or more? How many times in the last year has Arnie's or any of the other major forums changed their skins and look?
    this update was for more than just looks. They totally rewired the code, added some nice new features that will be useful to you, then re-structured the database. Since i normally dont use skins, i was kind of surprised that our existing skin/style/theme was incompatible. More like, "oh, shit!" so, these new themes are an effort to moderate the bright white of the default scheme, as well as trying to find something that works for as many people as possible. So, please bear with us while we look for something that works. i apologize for this inconvenience!!

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    I like the look of it, but it is definitely SLOW.... It doesn't even scroll smoothly. As I roll my scroll wheel, the page jumps up and down instead of scrolling smoothly.

    Also, as an advertiser... I would like to see the ad banners back since we're paying for the exposure.

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